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Plan Summary

  • Prime-Time Entertainment Interface (EI)
  • Prime-Time Kaleidoscope
  • Bonding
  • Competing Interests (for eyeballs) and Sources of Quasi Overlap
  • An Intact GMnavy.go Synergy = Math and Science Redux + Literacy

Company Summary

  • Advertising Policy
  • Mission
  • Company Ownership
  • Procuring Party
  • Objectives
  • Basis for Valuation of the GMnavy.go model
  • Keys to Success
  • Execution
  • Resource Requirements


  • Students’ Door
  • Parents’ and Guardians’ Door
  • Mentors’ and Volunteers’ Door
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Entertainment Interface
  • Future Components


  • Exhibit “A” GenYers
    • “Rushing to Cash In on the New Baby Boom”
    • “What’s a Cool Car?”
    • From Beer to Burgers
    • It’s Hollywood’s Turn to Scream
  • Exhibit “B” Ktops
  • Exhibit “C” Standardized Templates
  • Exhibit “D” AOL
  • Exhibit “E” Unique Visits Ranking
  • Exhibit “F” Student Resource U.S.
  • Exhibit “G” Volunteer Activity Generator
  • Exhibit “H” The GMnavy.go Difference
  • Exhibit “I” Military-Ktop
  • Exhibit “J” “Uncle Sam Wants Who?”
  • Exhibit “K” The GMnavy.go ISP and Search Engine
  • Exhibit “L” Five Million Unique Visits
  • Exhibit “M” USA Activation
  • Exhibit “N” Mentors & Uni-sponsors
  • Exhibit “O” Computer-everywhere
  • Exhibit “P” Crew-everywhere
  • Exhibit “Q” National Literacy
  • Exhibit “R” Revenues and Expenses
  • Exhibit “S” The Model at a Glance
  • Exhibit “T” Provide a Day-to-Day Example of How The Model May Help a Student
  • Exhibit “U” Approaches to Learning
  • Exhibit “V” Preschoolers, Too
  • Exhibit “W” Hot Selling Toys
  • Exhibit “X” “For Kids, Tuck Some Tech Into Your Talk”
  • Exhibit “Y” “Good Genes Count, But Many Factors Make Up a High IQ”
  • Exhibit “Z” “The Education Gap”
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