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Welcome to the future of education!

A social media site where students are hands-on as they learn

GMnavy.go will help recast pre-k-12

Education in the U.S by appealing to every young person to come join

Do we really need this model?

Read the sample stories in our Storyboards and answer this question…

Help Us Move This Model Forward!

Learn what being a Primary “SPONSOR” will do for your company

Welcome To The Future Of Education!

To prompt a corporate or government entity to participate in this project, the name GMnavy.go and its oval shaped test logo are used for demonstration purposes only,

As will be explained in subsequent topics. For instance, a major corporate entity such as Wal-Mart, constantly under fire for whatever issue du jour, might all but end that calamity overnight by sponsoring what will be described below as “The Model.”

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