Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

A major role for volunteers

For The Model, as it is referred to in this online www.HSeverywhere.com business plan, to be built and launched, it must be funded.

One approach might be Internet-based crowdfunding, suggested as an ideal means to immediately begin raising funds for The Model's development, where a fiduciary account could be established at a nationally-known law firm and anyone across the U.S. who believes in this business plan could send a few dollars. If not used for The Model's startup, the proceeds in the account could go to some pre-agreed organization such as the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

However, the funding approach pursued in this www.HSeverywhere.com business plan is to seek a major funding partner, referred to in the business plan as a Sponsor.

The process of helping search for such Sponsor may be tailor-made for visitors/volunteers to www.HSeverywhere.com who find themselves exasperated with the illusory, peek-a-boo-like gains of the past on all manner of our nation's k-12 metrics and its international rating. Ironically, our nation's pre-k-12 system is nonetheless truly amazing in many respects and is remarkably inclusive.

By now, however, it should be clear that despite our beautiful pre-k-12 system falling short year after year, it has no internal means to change that outcome. Hence the role of The Model—external, fully independent and in a word, brilliant. Designed to bring a new kind of synergy to bear, The Model will be positioned to reset the per-student learning experience throughout the pre-k-12 years. Specifically, The Model will be a vital gift during the critical time of a child's infancy, the all-important years through age two, the remaining years before meeting the first pre-k teacher and long span of years before being introduced to the teachers in grade 12.

To speed The Model's launch, volunteers are essential—perhaps none better than ordinary, everyday parents. After all, it is parents who advocate for their children, and it is parents who see the promise of The Model during the pre-k-12 years and before.

Yes, there are any number of ways you can serve:

Volunteers are needed to help find a Sponsor. Volunteers are needed to organize volunteers. Volunteers are needed to lead this entire effort or any part of it. A spokesperson is needed to replace the incredible Martin Nordlinger (see Prologue). Volunteers are needed to look at the ramifications of crowd funding. Volunteers are needed to contemplate the maze of grants and the hoops in applying for them--grants such as those available through NIH regarding national literacy or the U.S. Department of Education's Investing in Innovation Fund (i3). Volunteers are needed to consider the possibility of lobbying local, state and federal offices. Volunteers are needed to serve as blog master and Facebook manager and handle oversight of Google+, Twitter, Vine, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and so forth. 

Anyone can volunteer; there are no barriers. Interestingly, for a volunteer to present this business plan to a potential Sponsor, for instance, no background in Internet or IT is necessary. Rather, the attribute most needed may be persistence—perhaps asking and re-asking a potential funding partner to study the business plan. That's it. A major potential Sponsor (whether a corporation, college, government agency or other) will be fully capable of analyzing and deciding for itself the benefits (to itself) of sponsoring The Model. Once a Sponsor is found, the exercise of taking The Model from business plan to startup will begin.

By the way, don't be confused by the confused—keep your wits about you. Upon launch The Model will be positioned to reshape the productivity of k-12 education and a long list of disturbing metrics, even a metric suddenly said to be wonderfully better. For instance, in the case of high school graduation rates in the U.S., roughly 50 percent for years, recent reports indicate a rate now far higher. If you are suspicious, perhaps you have a right to be. Of the high schoolers who graduate and matriculate to college, over a third (approaching 40 percent) must take remedial classes. Moreover, the National Assessment of Educational Progress tells us that half of the graduates are unable to score at a level of basic proficiency (a notch above an F if letter grades were used). As you may suspect, pressure is on colleges to give passing grades to high school graduates, prepared for college or not.

Despite any of the above that may speak to your heart or logic or both, if you think that a major Sponsor will suddenly step forward, ready to be the nation's pre-k-12 hero, time for a reality check here: The promise of milestone results in K-12 and simultaneous gains for the youngest of children may be insufficient for a corporation to invest its marketing budget to become The Model's Sponsor, any more than the promise of recasting k-12 education metrics may cause a government agency or a university to get involved as a Sponsor. For such entities to agree to put their budgets behind The Model's development there must be something more. Thus, as volunteers contact a corporation, a government entity, a college president or whomever else about the www.HSeverywhere.com business plan, know that in the case of a corporation, for instance, benefit to the bottom line (profit) will be the primary motivating factor. Therefore the www.HSeverywhere.com business plan, detail by detail, addresses resulting profit to the Sponsor. Much the same holds for a college president. Realizing that such individual's primary job is to raise money, the www.HSeverywhere.com business plan details the massive and inherent fundraising capacity of The Model for a college—far beyond that of a college president, again, presented in detail. For a department of the National Institutes of Health, say, the motivation to join with HSeverywhere.com might be multi-point gains in national literacy, a measureable, the data for which (pre-Model) is disheartening—once again, the business plan offers an ingenious approach to greater literacy, The Model's reader's icon.

So, are you desperate to witness The Model's launch? For those of you motivated to help find funding for The Model, to unleash its power, here's a heads-up: Let's say that as a volunteer, you observe that young people and parents seem to have no particular loyalty to a particular corporation or its brands, price being the key factor to the buyer, and you feel that the brand could easily become personally relevant to these very same young people and parents simply by becoming The Model's high-profile Sponsor. Don't be discouraged if the brand's decision makers say no without doing research or simply equivocate and do no research. Keep trying and thank you for your service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is GMNavy.go?
Throughout the www.HSeverywhere.com business plan, The Model is referred to as GMnavy.go. This is done in order to help a funding partner, referred to in the business plan as a Sponsor, better-visualize the benefit (to itself) of high-profile sponsorship. Ultimately the name selected for The Model will be neither HSeverywhere nor GMNavy.go, but might reflect the name of a corporate Sponsor such as a Kraft Foods or a combination of Sponsors, perhaps a public-private effort, as suggested by the hypothetical GMNavy.go.

2. How long has www.HSeverywhere.com been around?
In paper form, copies of the business plan and The Model it offers pre-date the launch of Facebook.

3. What has held back launch of The Model?
Most of the promotion of the business plan was spearheaded by Martin Nordlinger and volunteers in his network. They came close at times, as in the case of talks with the CEO of a non-U.S. car maker. When Martin passed away, no one ever quite replaced his spokesman-like manner, his ability to articulate and his success at getting past an entity's gate keepers. A brilliant businessman and ardent volunteer in pre-k-12 education, Martin firmly believed in public education and immediately saw The Model as a breakthrough, a catalyst to leverage pre-k-12 results across the nation. The prologue comes from Martin's writings.

4. Is it too late to launch The Model?
For millions of young people, the time to have The Model in their lives has passed them by. But it's not too late for others. The urgency remains.

5. Are IT upgrades continually incorporated in the www.HSeverywhere.com business plan?
No, there is no need for that. That will be done by the staff once actual construction of The Model begins. Further, once The Model is launched, the constancy of endless upgrades in mechanics and mechanisms will always be an exciting plus. The Model's audience of young people devours and thrives on the latest change. For them, change is electric.

6. Will The Model itself change?
Absolutely. The Model is built to change. Driven by the input, creativity and genius of the nation's pre-k-12 young people themselves, The Model will quickly evolve beyond what most of us can imagine. Yet all of this will occur with oversight by parents, mentors and staff.

7. Has The Model been copied?
No. The complexity of The Model dwarfs all else. Such complexity and size is a necessity in order to be captivating and compelling to the vast pre-k-12 component of society, where every young person is different from the next. Nonetheless, in reading the business plan, it will become clear that certain concepts and conventions proposed in the business plan have now come to be, albeit created/innovated for other uses. This may serve as a kind of third-party validation of logic in the www.HSeverywhere business plan.

8. Will The Model be non-profit?
Yes, as specifically noted in the www.HSeverywhere business plan, The Model will be a non-profit.

9. Assuming that The Model will generate income, critical even to a non-profit, how will the money be used?
In fact, there may be a variety of so-called financial engines, where profits realized may flow to operations, subject to the responsibilities of the Sponsor; will flow to scholarships; and might be used for such purpose as providing computers to families who cannot afford them. No matter how much income The Model may generate, there will never be more than can be used for uses such as these. A nationally recognized legal firm together with rigorous accounting oversight will monitor all financial matters concerning The Model.

10. Once The Model is launched, will non-sponsor corporations be allowed to advertise there?
No, as addressed in the business plan, there will be no ads per se, not even by the Sponsor. Although the Sponsor may have its name as part of The Model's name, as demonstrated by the fictitious name GMNavy.go, there will be no standalone commercial advertisements. On the other hand, there may be scholarships in the name of the Sponsor, contests attributable to the Sponsor, challenges in the Sponsor's name, on and on. The weight of the Sponsor's presence in The Model will be poised to bring it and its brands top of mind awareness and personal relevance to two major demographics: young people and parents.


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