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Storyboard 90—They begin failing in college

SB90 Chalkboard world 10888057"It's when they get to college that they begin failing and dropping out," per David Brooks of the New York Times (see "The Education Gap," in exhibit "Z"). Thus it is that Mr. Brooks attributes the cause of the dropping out to the nation's colleges .

But is he correct?

● After all, there is the issue of NAEP results (the "F-" digital in the Storyboard 30), testing that takes place before students reach college.

● In fact, NAEP helping make the point, there is the view that college and university presidents may be doing great harm, yes, but in another way: By accepting unprepared, newly minted high-school graduates, college and university presidents are letting secondary schools get by with doing a shoddy job. The view has a second part that is equally ominous: By accepting unprepared students, colleges and universities may be systemically undermining our nation's world-renowned post-secondary education system.


Meanwhile, as the pundits debate and students drop out of college, GMnavy.go and its volunteers offer a singular vehicle to ramp up the productivity of secondary education and all education prior to it: that vehicle is the GMnavy.go model.