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Storyboard 88—Turning genes on

dna 5177629"The genes we have don't change fast enough to explain" the soaring of IQ across the world, "but which genes are turned on might," suggests Prof. James R. Flynn (see Comments 1 and 2 in "IQ soared" in exhibit "Y").

From the moment of launch, the metrics-based GMnavy.go model will call out to every K-12 student and every child from birth until the first morning a child arrives at kindergarten.

● To the extent that Prof. Flynn and other researchers such as Dr. Knudsen (in Storyboard 78) are correct,

the implication is that each of us has untapped potential in our DNA. Could it truly be that unleashing latent success in a person's DNA is tied to the stimulation of the brain's neurons and the firing of its synapses, as portrayed in the attached video?

● As suggested by a growing body of research . . . and as schematically suggested by such common DNA illustrations as the following, if triggered early enough in a young child's life, can genes be turned on that will forever influence and perhaps even shape that individual's life? If so, how might the power of the GMnavy.go model, if introduced quite early in a child's life, support that process? How might such early advantage later impact choices by that young person during the secondary school years? How might the resulting secondary school path influence the choices in post-secondary school and so on?


In reading exhibit "Y," keep in mind the promise of The Model's power to bring unprecedented advantage to each young person individually. Keep in mind the GMnavy.go opportunity for unheard-of depth and breadth of background experience and the GMnavy.go model's unparalleled capacity to generate encouragement via mentors and experts throughout a child's formative pre-K years, and later, throughout the pivotal K-12 journey.