Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 87—The early childhood years and The Model

neon 24 7   22590103As suggested by the "potent multiplier" concept (see "Potent multiplier" in exhibit "Y"), the IQ-building process begins early in life. Note here that the GMnavy.go model's diverse Staff will include child development researchers, and perhaps neuroscientists, molecular geneticists, etc.

Also note that supporting The Model's potentially profound early-childhood component will be a full-scale assault on the poor take-up and high rates of attrition that plague other early childhood programs.

● Accordingly, because it is imperative for the nation's young people to have parent-child time together, perhaps enjoying a cognitively and linguistically rich environment such as that provided by the GMnavy.go model, there will be a concerted marketing and PR effort outside The Model to further encourage parents and nonparental caregivers to participate.

● The GMnavy.go platform will accommodate parents who stay at home, those working nonstandard hours, those working full time and those on public assistance; likewise, The Model will accommodate parents who have children with special needs.


It was Ted Kennedy's plea that cultural competence, not just sensitivity, play a role in our nation's early-childhood education. The GMnavy.go model will be positioned to deliver.