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Storyboard 85—Literary reading, too, is down

SB85 negative 28 38143819"It's easier for students to become passionate about history and literature, rather than a quadratic equation . . ." (a quote from the "Blessing or Curse" subheading in exhibit "X").

The GMnavy.go model, in keeping with its mission, will have a positive bias for the STEM subjects.

● In fact, background experience developed via the GMnavy.go model will help students across the nation develop an abiding interest—and yes, "passionate" for growing numbers of students—in math.

● By the way, just a year after the above "It's easier" quote, the National Endowment for the Arts reported the following statistic for literature reading: down by 28% since 1982 for the youngest groups . . . a startling drop for the young people of a nation that has been the leader of nations.


Fascinating indicators of the GMnavy.go model's success will be results of the nation's report card as well as "reading" statistics of all kinds gathered by such entities as the NEA. Because both NAEP and the NEA are creations of the federal government, their post-GMnavy.go data will enable a unique third-party perspective of the GMnavy.go model's impact on the productivity of secondary education.