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Storyboard 78—Parents seek advantage for their children

SB78 black father and kid 45071836The response to educational toys reflected in "Hot Selling Toys" (see exhibit "W") is a glimpse of the pent-up demand by parents in finding educational advantage for their children.

The GMnavy.go model's metrics generated by parents of secondary schoolers may be rivaled by the population of parents of elementary schoolers and younger.

● "It's probably no coincidence," per the article, "that the surge in interest in learning toys comes at a time of growing concern by parents and policymakers about the quality of public education today."

● In a separate article, the award-winning chair of neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Eric Knudsen, notes that parents are on the right track about early childhood experiences.


Using owls in his "learning systems" and "attention" experiments, Knudsen and his team discovered that the challenging learning task created in the lab baffled adult owls and yet was quickly mastered by young owls. Particularly fascinating is the fact that, having learned the task when quite young, those owls were able to quickly relearn the task when reintroduced to it long afterward, their brains apparently having been wired when young. Concluded the award-winning researcher: "Early learning can have long lasting effects on the architecture of the brain." Similarly, the task of the GMnavy.go model will be to benefit young brains early.