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Storyboard 73—Value first, then revenue

SB73 morning show host 10213681Following GMnavy.go's launch, as its metrics become known and media coverage rains with human interest stories, sponsorship inquiries by potential corporate SPONSORS may rush in.

Although further SPONSORS may be precluded, other forms of adjunct revenue potential for the GMnavy.go model will abound, subject to The Model's singular value to secondary schoolers and younger.

● In a Wired magazine article about Neopets, the writer declares that "[a] site becomes more valuable [to an advertiser] if frequent repeat visitors make up a high percentage of its traffic." Regarding Neopets, the writer is probably right. In general, however, such metrics attributes may bring an advertiser almost no value at all. That is, "Unique visits must be qualified" (see exhibit "E") and, preferably, verifiable at-will in real time by a third party having instantaneous access to an exhaustive range and depth of real-time multimetrics, visits count being but one.

● "[Neopets'] demographics are the stuff of marketers' dreams: Four out of five Neopians are under age 18 and two out of five are under 13." Further, adds the writer, "Neopets has a staggering 25 million members worldwide." Although the GMnavy.go model will likely not use Neopets' revenue model, the Neopets site charges $7.99 per month for its "premium" membership, the "Monthly service fees" category in "Exhibit 'R' revenues and expenses" is nonetheless included. Further note that South Korea's NCsoft charges $25 each month and has 3.2 million subscribers.


The student-built GMnavy.go model will be poised to out-perform the revenue engines of most top websites today. As value to students begins to define the GMnavy.go model, parents will be among The Model's most ardent supporters, and The Model's SPONSOR will stand to profoundly benefit. Resulting revenue that flows to The Model will fund operations, scholarships and so forth.