Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 72—Reader’s icon for struggling students

SB72 readers icon 22988392Despite ubiquity of reading programs in the U.S., K-12 non-readers are passed from grade to grade unable to read or having but minimal reading skills.

At the GMnavy.go model with or without their parents and whether a parent is literate or illiterate, struggling students will have the reader's icon (see exhibit "Q") to help them progress from non-reader to reader. It's not that the supply of reading programs across the U.S. has been limited; to the contrary, the supply has been endless throughout the lives of today's illiterates, together with layers of conflicting policies, studies and opinions:

● "The number of Florida youngsters who must repeat third grade is about five times greater than last year because of a new policy that bases promotion largely on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test," notes an Associated Press article. On the other hand, this would seem to make sense to the Department of Education: "Allowing students who can't read at the third-grade level to advance to the fourth grade makes it extremely difficult for them to catch up to their peers."

● On the other hand, however, per a subsequent study released by the Consortium on Chicago School Research, affiliated with the University of Chicago, holding back elementary students may lead to worsening academic performance.


Conflicting theories, articles and policies aside, from day one of The Model's launch, the genius of the GMnavy.go model and reader's icon combination will become immediately evident as the duo enables at-risk students to share in the same GMnavy.go ingenuity, excitement and experience as their classmates, enabling struggling readers, too, to read and enjoy the latest episode of The Model's student-produced Prime-Time.