Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 67—Free Agents Corps

mentor grid 47518408A Uni-Site may send free agents, members of the Free Agents Corps, to Uni-Sites throughout the franchise.

Free agents might come from, say, Gretchen Whitney High School. Per journalist Edward Humes, a Pulitzer-Prize winner in journalism, Whitney is "the top-ranked public high school in California, one of the best in the nation."

● Whitney's Uni-Site might send free agents to other Uni-Sites anywhere in the U.S. in a kind of student exchange program—this one, however, perhaps administered by fellow students. Or in the reverse direction, free agents honing their skills might apply to "transfer" to the Whitney students' Uni-Site, perhaps to practice a particular development process at that Uni-Site. Variations will abound: Rather than transfer, a free agent might be offered a "visa" to hold seminars at a distant site, perhaps to teach some dazzling self-taught skill, or perhaps to ramp up a Uni-Site's metrics and excitement. Enabled by the GMnavy.go infrastructure, it may be secondary schoolers who drive the integration of education and technology . . . the polar opposite of the idle remark in "Comment 5," exhibit "X": "If teachers could bridge the information gap . . ."

● Whether from a Title I or a brand-name college-prep high school, talented students may choose to become GMnavy.go free agents. For any of the 200,000 Los Angeles students in schools that fail to meet No Child Left Behind's adequate yearly progress, GMnavy.go free agents, mentors, etc., may be but a mouse click away. Conversely—despite NCLB's "options"—only about one percent of the 200,000 are transferring to higher performing schools; only 11 percent are getting tutoring.


At the click of the mouse, students who might otherwise be disinclined to seek help (at-risk preschoolers, struggling high school freshmen and all the rest) will instantaneously, at any place in the GMnavy.go model, be able to ask for a mentor . No red tape, no NCLB "failing school" metric required, no "state-approved NCLB supplemental services provider" required and no waiting.