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Storyboard 60—GMnavy.go ISP and search engine

Search engine icon 8290711

Perhaps tens of millions of students captivated by the student-built GMnavy.go franchise will be eager and determined to switch to The GMnavy.go ISP and search engine.

Remember AOL's millions of free-trial AOL disks each year, some in cereal boxes, some enclosed with bank statements . . . others by direct mail?

● AOL's strategy was that a random recipient receiving five or six AOL disks in a year might convert to the AOL Internet service provider. The strategy was a huge success.

● Taking that success to the next level, the GMnavy.go model will provide its ISP the equivalent of five or six such invitations, yes, but in a week. Moreover, and in stark contrast to the AOL tact, each invitation will be acutely subtle, each will be nonintrusive and each will be in context.


That is, each opportunity for ISP membership conversion will be in context with the individual student's momentary activity within The Model, as will be contextual invitations for users to adopt The Model's search engine.In keeping with the student-built practice throughout The Model, each conversion opportunity will likely be unique and each will likely be the creation of students.