Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 54—Six responses by school counselors

SB54 student in disbelief 30393367Suppose a student asks a guidance counselor (as noted in the exhibit "H" table) about ASIC or combinatorics or even about the military.

With the advent of the GMnavy.go model and subject to the ongoing confirmation of its metrics success, the new norm may find students quickly soaring beyond whatever may have been the background experience conventionally acquired—that is, pre-Model—by their school counselors.

● The need for such "new norm" is made painfully clear by both students and parents in example after example. For instance, regarding questions by students about the military and military tours of duty, note six counselor responses: (1) an offer to help find the answer, (2) the advice to look at a different career path , (3) the suggestion to talk to a military recruiter, (4) the suggestion to visit a military website, (5) the suggestion to apply to West Point, and (6) the suggestion to look through the pamphlets piled on a nearby table.

● Conversely, visualize the scenario of a hypothetical 10th grader moving from ASIC to combinatorics to electronics . . . and then, say, to the topic venue of a U.S. Navy electronics "A" school. After endless iterations of T-chatting with young people currently in the technical school and others in the fleet, as well as mentors and even instructors at the electronics school, the now-informed 10th grader might decide, for instance, to enroll in an AP math course in his junior year, in order to better position himself as an electronics school candidate.

● Via the GMnavy.go model, secondary schoolers and younger across the U.S. will gain a depth of insight and familiarity dramatically different from that of students in years past. Also orders of magnitude beyond the simplistic six "responses" above will be The Model's predictor algorithms (see COMMENT "E" in exhibit "I"), whereby the nation will have an early sense of millions of students' developing interests, from the STEM subjects to the trades to the hard sciences.


With advent of the GMnavy.go model, the norm will become secondary schoolers and younger, student by student, having the persuading opportunity to innovate and create ever-evolving layers of background experience and associations, the benefit of which may lead to accomplishments far-removed from the experience of their parents, and perhaps routinely outside the education or familiarity of their teachers and school counselors.