Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 50—How many warnings

Had the GMnavy.go model been in place during the past 10 years (asks exhibit "F"), would a greater number than the 1% of U.S. high schoolers who took the basic calculus advanced placement test have been black?

Judging from the performance of blacks and Hispanics in open-enrollment college-preparatory public schools, the answer might have been a resounding yes. (By the way, "open-enrollment" means that enrollment is not restricted to a select group with top grades. Enrollment is open to everyone and there is no tuition requirement.) Even so, why all the fuss about only 1% being black?

● Well, think about it: As the Chinese and the Indians realize, the competitiveness of a nation's workforce reflects national competitiveness. The stark education divide that weakens our nation's massive student resource systemically weakens our future workforce and our nation's standard of living. Thus it is that each of the roughly 3,000 new high school dropouts each day in the U.S. is a terrible warning that something in our education effort needs help. And yet no flag at half mast, no armband and no yellow flashing light marks even one of the 3,000 farewells. Statistically, of course, of the 3,000 who are black and male, 60% will experience a flashing light of a different sort, together with handcuffs and prison.

● Yet another disturbing warning is the SAT gap. If The Model had been part of the early childhood of African American young people ten years ago, would their SAT average have been 187 points lower than that of whites at that time?


Would the gap have widened to just over 200 today? (As noted in Storyboard 44, results before and after the GMnavy.go model's startup will be rigorously tracked, dissected and methodically interpreted.)