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Storyboard 46—Tacit rather than canonical

SB46 girl with backpack 1909454The element of story is often the most engaging way to teach, as noted in "Tacit rather than canonical," in exhibit "D."

Though a teacher may not have time to teach within the context of captivating stories, a student advantaged by the GMnavy.go model will enjoy mounting background experience and nuance. Subsequent learning will thus benefit from a richness of inner abstractions, subtle associations and critical thinking, perhaps melding sounds, tastes and smells gleaned from historical fiction, simple byproducts of the GMnavy.go advantage.

● Tacit—Understood or implied without being stated, in which event students may become excited and self-motivated to learn in a different way.

● Canonical—The endless lists of facts and so forth to memorize are, of course, likewise important.



"From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development," by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, stresses the importance of background experience in early childhood, from birth until day one of kindergarten. Moreover, an article by Dr. James Heckman, and as noted in Storyboard 77, warns of the consequences for a child left out.