Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 45—Cost of The Model versus a V-22 Osprey

SB45  Osprey plane  26908021The GMnavy.go model's cost (in exhibit "R") is $68.85 million. GMnavy.go volunteers have long noted that spread over 72-plus million young people (see "72-plus million" in exhibit "F"), The Model's startup cost per student would be roughly a dollar, 96 cents in this case.

By comparison, $30 billion was authorized by Congress just to "study" the V-22 Osprey "concept." At a projected cost of $73 million per plane (probably streeeeetch-ing closer to $105 million), lobbyists and the Marine Corps asked for 360 of 'em. The Air Force 50, and the Navy 48.

● An interesting cost anecdote from the corporate sector, $54 million was spent on a 2004/2005 campaign to market coffeemakers, a Proctor & Gamble and Sara Lee effort. (Yikes, resulting sales were only $20 million.)

● In the government sector, $150 billion is said to be the yearly cost for K-12 education. And yet as noted in the final sentence of Storyboard 30, 3,000-or-so U.S. students each day drop out of high school. (Also scary, India graduates three times as many engineers as does the U.S.—China graduates five times as many—and only 40 percent of our dropouts find employment.)


Any rising war power might hope that the U.S. will invest in all 458 Ospreys, and invest nothing in the GMnavy.go model. After all, America's K-12 human capital resource will become the future Osprey fliers, technicians, mechanics, designers and so forth.