Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 44—The Staff will manage by metrics

SB 44 binary screen 46571455The cross-disciplinal Staff will manage by a wealth of real-time metrics, from volume and duration of visits to algorithms that note the parameters of crossover movement as students go from one place in the GMnavy.go model to another. All metrics will be verifiable by such third party as Media Metrix or Nielsen/NetRatings.

All part of the fun, growing numbers of students will T-chat with friends throughout Prime-Time and the Uni-Sites, and increasingly with students who visit the franchise from outside the United States.

● Hordes of students will travel to the latest viral hit, to wherever it may occur throughout the 20,000-plus Uni-Site franchise . . . because that will be fun as well (again, with deference to the constant that each of us has our own ideas of what is fun).

● Still others might respond to a math contest popular in the day's buzz or perhaps T-chat with a Ktop expert, each student having his or her idea about what it is to be "having a good time," the primary determinant in the Model's (real-time, metrics-verifiable) appeal to students en masse.


Inside and out: Not just internal, the GMnavy.go Staff will build a record of external metrics baselines as well, data from past to present, thus a further tool for GMnavy.go to evaluate its impact. Baseline categories, for instance, might include national literacy, numeracy, NAEP and PISA results (see Storyboard 30), the ACT average, the sad statistic of roughly 50% of all high school graduates arriving at college and having to take remedial courses, and endless other indicator data, hence the "1's" and "0's" graphic, all critical to education productivity—all disaggregated by race, ethnicity, low-income status, etc.