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Storyboard 41—The average cost of a film is $90 million

SB41 popcorn and tickets 46645945Miramax is tough, fiercely competing in a difficult industry. Averaging 220 films a year with an average production cost of $59 million and marketing cost of $31 million, Miramax's Mr. Weinstein says that he listens to his 15- and 20-year-olds (see "Comment 3" in "It's Hollywood's Turn to Scream").

Astounded by Weinstein's claim to be influenced by his two kids in spending such big chunks of money—$90 million per movie!—the students in comment 3 launched into a compelling risk-reduction case for Miramax to enlist the 20,000-plus Uni-Site franchise, subject to the movie-maker's being the franchise's SPONSOR.

● When does the $68.85-million cost (see exhibit "R") of sponsoring the GMnavy.go model make financial sense?

● In the case of Miramax, what part of its movie-making business risk (repeated 220 times a year) might be minimized by formulaic access to the 20,000-or-so student-centric Uni-Sites? For the producer's financial health, might an alliance with the GMnavy.go model favorably shift the odds of success, product by product?


Specifically, envision the likelihood that the GMnavy.go model might help avoid one or more $90-million film flops or lessen the potential of a car company hearing the Storyboard 35 words, "That looks like the kind of car that a bunch of 45-year-old guys would think is cool."