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Storyboard 40—Great new ideas are too different

SB40 man using telescope 45287671Per a 2003 Business 2.0 article: "C. J. Fraleigh, head of marketing at GM, which spent a mind-boggling $3.5 billion on advertising in 2002, put the industry on notice last summer in an address to top advertising executives."

"'We have billions of dollars of marketing money," he hammered away, "to help tell GM's story, and we're frankly lacking enough great ideas.'"

● But, alas, to the extent the sponsorship of the GMnavy.go model is a great idea for a Fortune 100 or a government entity, there are the words of author Scott Thorpe: "Great new ideas are too different from our current thinking, and too similar to nonsolutions to be casually recognized."

● The success of GMnavy.go volunteers and parents in finding an audience with Corporate America is still a work in progress. (To contemplate becoming a GMnavy.go volunteer yourself, note the final two paragraphs of the "Welcome" page or contact Mr. Baker.")


The prescient Scott Thorpe got it right, Mr. Fraleigh never responded to GMnavy.go volunteers, continued to speed down a doomed path, pound the podium, search for a great idea and sell product in self-destructive fashion. Two years after his above address, he quietly went away.