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Storyboard 35—A turning point without turning

arrow 25093261"That looks like the kind of car that a bunch of 45-year-old guys would think is cool," thus another "ouch-moment" on the road of 25-and-under market loss by Ford.

The auto execs said that hearing this response from the young people was a "turning point" (see the "Industry leaders . . ." paragraph in the "What's a Cool Car" article). But for management that would build a car before getting relevant feedback, will there ever really be a lasting so-called turning point? Hopefully, for the sake of this mighty employer and the nation, that would prove to be the case, but . . . let's follow the arrow to see:

Two years after this article: Ford set an industry record, but it was for money lost (for the amount see Storyboard 36).

And four years later came another horror: Ford was overtaken in market share by Toyota. As noted in Storyboard 32, Toyota had long been echo-boomer ready.



The quandary for the share holders of U.S. carmakers may be whether to sell at a loss or chance that even amid such shock and calamity as referenced above there might be a good quarter or so. On the other hand, the quandary for GMnavy.go volunteers is whether to write off such maker as a potential SPONSOR or hope that sooner or later an alert executive staffer there will . . . review The Model.