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Storyboard 29—Mothers on welfare

unmotivated elementary schooler 10816504Despite momentary or generational poverty, socioeconomic status, education, cognitive ability, etc., mothers on welfare may gain rare advantage from the GMnavy.go model.

Like other parents, mothers on welfare, too, will constantly hear about the GMnavy.go model, hearing . . .

● . . . about the mentors-for-years program for their children (a subtopic in exhibit "N") . . . and mentors for parents (a subtopic in "Parents' and guardians' door").

● . . . that a child's education from time of birth until day one of kindergarten will influence achievement throughout the K-12 years . . . and that newly arriving first graders already 18 months behind their peers in basic skills and background experience will likely never recover academically or socioeconomically.

● . . . that research suggests that the family environment can have an even greater impact on learning than what happens in the classroom.


Although not all primary caregivers will have interest in the above, GMnavy.go volunteers are confident that tens of millions will.