Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 28—Trendsetting elements by black students

black preschooler face 43773754There will be relentless effort by the Staff to overwhelmingly build the GMnavy.go metrics of blacks and other minorities and all the educationally underserved across the 20,000-plus Uni-Sites.

Increasingly leading the charge may be trendsetting elements by black students themselves (see "Mirror image elements" in "Entertainment Interface").

● As black preschoolers enjoy the GMnavy.go advantage and as they see successes that include fellow black students, perhaps as in the astronomy example in the "First" bulleted point in exhibit "V", their horizons and aspirations may be indelibly affected. Moreover, as older black students see the published works of their peers, such as the hypothetical in the "Third" bulleted point, likewise in exhibit "V," their internal focus may turn to academics, study habits and family priority on education. Such internalization by a major population group may unleash surprising new levels of competitive gains.

● Adding to the GMnavy.go model dynamic, content and presentation will be tailored to reflect mouse-click histories (as noted in the "Bio stats" subtopic in "Resource Requirements") and to further increase metrics. In addition, data from focus groups will strengthen across-the-board metrics, including helping add to a growing avalanche of metrics by minorities (see "Pulse of the demographic," likewise in "Resource Requirements").


Such a student as the precocious young lady noted in "Comment 1"—her remarks inserted by GMnavy.go into the article "What's a Cool Car?"—will have a forum, a platform by which she will have the potential to gain national recognition via the GMnavy.go model.