Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 23—An Ordinary Hobbit, Ant Bots, Astronomy

hobbit tree  564755Inspired by some aspect of the GMnavy.go model, a student might do a memorable presentation about the CCD, a highly light-sensitive chip that records very faint starlight, opening the door to secondary schoolers and younger doing work at the level of professional astronomers.

There will be no end to the possible number of elements (a subtopic in "Entertainment Interface") and the perpetual modifications and iterations of each. Several of perhaps endless examples beginning with the letter "A" . . .

Allegorical hobbits and ordinary hobbits, too, might segue to worlds of allegory, myth, fable, heroic legend and creative fantasy created by students, as students increasingly take ownership of The Model. And of course, such elements will be an ideal place in The Model for student-built games. Further, for a toddler anxiously awaiting the next weekly installment of a favorite title, podcasts (audio) may add cross-sensory cognition stimulation on the off days.

Alternative fuels will be an increasing focus and highlight at the GMnavy.go model. From time to time new submissions such as Biorefineries or Elephant Dung/Cellulosic Ethanol will become Prime-Time hits, perhaps being added by millions of students to their opening page. Ranked by volume of visits, opening pages themselves will become increasingly competitive; the top 10 real-time-volume opening pages from all 20,000-plus Uni-Sites will be spotlighted daily.

Ant Bots, sets of algorithms that model ant behavior, may become a favorite piece of fun by students from all walks of life, some perhaps creating transformational business solutions and tools.

Astronomy elements, for instance, might intrigue a mix of secondary schoolers throughout the Uni-Site franchise . . . and captivate such young children as the four-year-old mentioned in exhibit "V." For secondary schoolers who find themselves drawn to this particular title, a random student-produced astronomy episode on a particular day may feature, for instance, that exciting moment in a recent July: the discovery of the summer constellation Scorpios and . . . the "pentaquark."


Students will have the excitement of their student-built Model 365 days a year—school days, weekends, holidays and summer.