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Storyboard 18—Not just consumers under 25

Every potential SPONSOR has its goals and challenges. For General Motors, of course, the troubles are many, the most pivotal of which may be the incredibly shrunken market share commanded by its product. As a function of metrics success by the GMnavy.go model, and as noted in Storyboard 8, it is logically anticipated that a growing force of students' appreciative parents will reward "The Model's" SPONSOR.

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In the case of a General Motors SPONSOR, an influx of parents into the showrooms of its dealers across the U.S. might prove to be a financial coup. That is, subject to parents' perception of how well their children benefit from the GMnavy.go model, parental appreciation might thus be expected to translate to key GM metrics.

● Therefore, in the grassroots attempts by GMnavy.go volunteers to meet with decision makers at GM, the volunteers often refer to more than just GM's shrinking age-25-and-under market; they stress the economic muscle of the 25-and-under population's parents.

● Indeed, a tantalizing metric will be the extent mind share accrual extends even to parents with years' of loyalty to a different brand.


Although not everyone will rush out and embrace the SPONSOR'S product, the leading edge of newfound buyers will likely fuel a new level of national awareness and shareholder value.