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Storyboard 16—Logo ramp up by XYZ University

SB 16 empty pocket 46634257 1The GMnavy.go model might enable a SPONSOR, or perhaps even a procuring party, to both display its logo into the lives of tens of millions and grow its endowment fund.

By comparison, note the far more expensive and management-intensive "early recruiting" and logoing efforts cited in the following excerpts from the WSJ article "Little Men on Campus, Colleges Tap Kiddie Set To Fill Summer Spots," as college presidents take a whack at entrepreneurship.

● "In the latest twist on summer school, universities are offering an ever-younger group of kids an early shot at college life. Really early, in fact. At the University of Richmond in Virginia, five-year-olds can take a storytelling class—PowerPoint instruction included—and teens at Penn State are offered forensic science, 'CSI'-style. And while colleges say grooming future students and producing extra revenue are two of the main motives, [a third motive is] to do a little early recruiting."

● "For Charlie Eckman, summer school at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville means a chance to meet professors, hang out in the library and bone up on cognitive psychology." "In Cub Scout camp, we had to sleep in tents," offered Charlie, an 11-year-old.

● "Students make their first list of colleges in eighth grade," says Tina Gilliland, of Indiana University's new children's science camp, where kids will learn to identify chemical compounds—and go home with an Indiana bandanna. "Every time I get a chance to tag the school's name onto anything, I do it."

Keep in mind that "university presidents are increasingly measured by their fund-raising success, as noted in "Comment 1" in exhibit "Z." Upsydaisy! Busted! None of the presidents of the above institutions (nor employees tasked with opening the presidents' mail), either before the "Little men" article or after, replied to GMnavy.go volunteers regarding The Model, even though the correspondence outlined a strategy poised to bring ● an income generator powerhouse to their universities, ● an endowment super fund, ● a national-scale logo benefit, ● and a means to ramp up the productivity of secondary education across the U.S. Further, ● the correspondence invited each president to contact the president of the nation's top three (or two, depending on the rankings interpretation) ISPs . . . who have already asked to host The Model. The point here, is not to suggest that alumni recite this Storyboard, shout "busted!" and tug out an empty pocket the next time they receive a telephone call or a glossy solicitation from their alma mater. Rather, this snapshot is an insight of the reality faced by Mr. Nordlinger and other GMnavy.go volunteers in the effort to seek an ally for The Model's startup.

[In fairness, if you realize that you are one of the college or university presidents alluded to above, for whom a GMnavy.go volunteer such as Martin Nordlinger rings a bell, and in the event you wish to privately discuss this Storyboard, Contact Mr. Baker. Mr. Nordlinger has since passed away but you can click on "Prologue" to get an idea of what he might have shared with you.]