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Storyboard 15—Twenty-point increase in IQ

SB 15 eight brains 36803569 0In exhibit "Y" note the 20-point IQ jump (see the subtopic there, "IQ soared") and notice how the subtle dose of third-party attention accrued to the advantage of "Suzie," perhaps causing her to see herself in a different light and inspiring her to excel.

Orders of magnitude greater than the singling out attention from her teacher will be the positive reinforcement, encouragement and substance of the everyday GMnavy.go model for all students—Suzie, too.

● The GMnavy.go model will repeat its one-on-one-like advantage for millions of young people, as if each student were the sole beneficiary and focus.

● With advent of the GMnavy.go model, those less advantaged will have a tool to help break the cycle of what may have become generational.

For every student who arrives at the GMnavy.go model, the aim will be to ensure that the special advantage that singled out Suzie will be the norm.