Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 11- Growth shareholders want

In a world of saturation, product-based focus alone may not create the kind of growth shareholders want.

If a product or even a retailer has been commoditized—or if it competes in a highly competitive sector—why limit marketing to an old-school "I've-got-the-best-whatever" campaign?

● Instead, why not implement a GMnavy.go strategy that logically might prompt consumers across the nation in droves to seek out the brand of the GMnavy.go model's SPONSOR, whether General Motors, General Electric or General Mills, whether a car, a camera or a cereal...or whether a Wal-Mart, a dollar store or a Target?

● Why not forge this new front in marketing, a proxy tack poised to cause those consumers otherwise neutral or predisposed to another maker to insist on buying the SPONSOR's brand only?


The nation stands ready to rally behind the defeat of the perennial devastations of NAEP, PISA and the long list of other such tests and indicators. Clearly, inherent with GMnavy.go successes that capture media attention and fascinate the public, The Model's SPONSOR will be positioned to feel each PR-like eruption—and each will be measurable.