Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

Storyboard 8—K-12 productivity and SPONSOR

large shutterstock 12165391The purpose of the GMnavy.go model is to recast the academic productivity of secondary education (high school and middle school). Despite the profound implication of GMnavy.go to young people and the nation, however, there must be the logical expectation of compelling gain to a funding source as well, perhaps to a corporate SPONSOR.

Immersed in the GMnavy.go process will be the nation's 72-plus million (see exhibit "F") young people, not just the 26.6 million secondary schoolers but the pre-schoolers and younger . . . and for tens of millions of these young people, their parents.

Moms and dads appreciative of a SPONSOR'S role in making The Model possible may represent a potential windfall for a Kraft Foods, a Hewlett-Packard or a General Motors, as would any mammoth consumer group suddenly intent on seeking out a company's product.

● Thus for such SPONSOR, a GMnavy.go strategy will be poised to drop to the maker's bottom line.


Visualize parents insisting on "Kraft" rather than reaching for a private-label food product. Or think of car-buying parents flocking to GM showrooms, rather than settling for one of the world's roughly 300 non-GM models, or households being subtly reminded daily of Wal-Mart as the place to shop. Emphasizing this point, see Storyboard 11 and the video there.