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Storyboard 7—The name GMnavy.go is a hypothetical

JMU mascot 42139603As indicated in "Functions of this Website," the name GMnavy.go is merely a hypothetical.

The Model's ultimate SPONSOR (nonprofit, for-profit, government or combination) might be reflected in similar fashion in the site's name.

● In addition, a "procuring party" such as a foundation or a college may have the opportunity to have its logo subtly displayed throughout The Model, or perhaps have its logo as part of the gold action tabs at the top.

● Whether The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or James Madison University, a procuring party, in a manner similar to that of the GMnavy.go model's SPONSOR, would be positioned to become a household name to perhaps tens of millions of students drawn to The Model.


Top-of-mind awareness by students and parents in, say, Yuba City, Calif.—three time zones from the above James Madison University in Virginia—might prompt JMU to be mentioned in the same breath as the relatively local UCLA. A landslide of applications to a logoed James Madison might thus begin to pour in from the "Yuba Cities" of all 50 states and perhaps from such top college-prep schools as Gretchen Whitney High School in California, Boston Latin, Bronx Science, and Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan.