Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

What a lead sponsorship will do for your company:

Although a Fortune 500's initial reflex to becoming the site's national SPONSOR/enhancer of pre-k-12 education may be Why?, advantage to the bottom line may be profound.

  • Make your company a household name mentioned each day by tens of millions of young people and parents (to help make this point, the hypothetical/fictitious name www.GMnavy.go is used as the name of The Model throughout the business plan)
  • Cause new legions of consumers en masse to suddenly seek out your product, brand or service (kids urging parents to buy a GM product)
  • Develop a new generation of consumers who may bond for a lifetime with your brand (a brand forever relevant to a once-younger generation)
  • Drive up your company's key metrics (metrics negotiated with sponsoring company or other entity must be precisely defined and confirmable)

To determine for yourself the strength of these four bullet points, read our business plan.

Remember, as parents across the U.S. can explain, the pre-k-12 GMnavy.go site is not just another "education" site. Everyone, it seems, has one of those, and yet the nation's pre-k-12 results on the so-called "Nation's Report Card," PISA, etc. remain dismal.

Also keep in mind that as a marketing tool, "paid ads" in a venue such as Facebook may be a poor use of marketing dollars, as General Motors found. (As noted in this business plan, ads per se will not even be permitted in the pre-k-12 site.)

In sum, this www.HSeverywhere.com site is merely the business plan for the future site referred to as The Model, where the name used for The Model could be a combination of Sponsors, demonstrated by GMnavy.go, or a single primary Sponsor such as Coke or Apple or IBM. 

Read the Business Plan