Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

school6Welcome to the future of education!
A social media site where students are hands-on as they learn

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Welcome to the future of education!

[First a bit of business: To prompt a corporate or government entity to participate in this project, the name GMnavy.go and its oval shaped test logo are used for demonstration purposes only, as will be explained in subsequent topics. For instance, a major corporate entity such as Wal-Mart, constantly under fire for whatever issue du jour, might all but end that calamity overnight by sponsoring what will be described below as "The Model."]


Even though this Website doubles as an online business plan in order to appeal to a Wal-Mart or a General Motors, it is also written in a manner to appeal to parents across the nation and to ask for their non-financial support in expediting the startup of The Model. Even though no donations will be accepted from anyone including parents, the expectation is that it will be ordinary parents who make The Model described in this business plan a reality.

As detailed in this online version of the www.HSeverywhere.com business plan, The Model will be a social media site for young people—with oversight by parents—where elementary, middle and high school students will be hands-on as they develop far-reaching new abilities and a deeper interest in learning, and where even the youngest of children will be have a favorite place to visit and flourish—an environment that is immersive, innovative and replete with the opportunity for background experience, to whatever extent a young person may find interest in pursuing at that moment.

In that manner, The Model will be positioned to serve as a performance catalyst for every young person's pre-k-12 years. Results will be verifiable and measureable.

Fully independent of any school system and in competition with none, with no additional burden on any school system or teacher, but with full appreciation for the heroic teachers across the land, The Model will be a platform to ramp up the productivity of secondary education.

As said by Martin Nordlinger in the prologue, "Providing a kaleidoscope of results and learning paths, all in a delightful context of opportunity and fun, The Model will embody bottom up learning. Young people will self-motivate as they quickly gain experience and expertise in a new-found interest, easily possible at a level light years beyond that of their parents, teachers or guidance counsellors."

The impact of The Model on education will be verifiable and measureable in hard numbers, juxtaposing an enormity of data subsequent to The Model's launch with the warehouses of historic records—thus comparing outcomes after The Model is launched to the pre-Model years—important in gaging the extent of The Model's impact. That is, after decades of hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on public education and the recurring mixed results exposed in the news media, every pre-Model testing component for which information has been kept will be a potential benchmark to destroy. Hard numbers will be the arbiter. Moreover, national literacy, tracked for decades and always discouraging, will likewise be a focus of The Model. In fact, the new best friend of struggling reader of every age will be The Model's reader's icon.

The Model has not yet obtained development funding; hence, much of this business plan is written for that purpose. Actual construction and launch of The Model may very well depend on the help of parents motivated to volunteer—as briefly discussed in the Volunteers tab.


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